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International Hotel Supplies and Catering Exhibition

Writer:admin    Pubdate: 2018-12-14     Clicks: 

More than 1000 high-end brands and 600 high-quality catering exhibitors are gathered in the exhibition area of Guangzhou Exhibition 60000_. Guangzhou Pauli World Trade Expo provides exhibitors and spectators with comprehensive and multi-angle exhibition experience.
More than 70 top equipment agents are gathered. This year, Hall 1-6 will accommodate six major sectors, including catering equipment, cooking materials, catering chains, baking and ice cream. It covers the latest, most complete and professional international kitchen equipment supply resources, including central kitchen solutions.
At the same time, more than 20 top international competitions and activities were held, covering cooking, baking, drinks and other industries. There were also professional competitions such as top star chef competition, bread competition, pizza competition and so on. Let's wait and see!
Guangzhou Tea, Coffee and Food Festival in 2018 is coming again! There will be light catering, coffee and new tea and other catering brands flashing on the spot, which is a centralized and vivid display of catering equipment.
Looking forward to your arrival!